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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Air Hogs Copter Review/Features

The Air Hogs Copter is an aerodynamic and electric helicopter designed for indoor use. This is basically an electric toy that is designed for older children(12 - 15 years), and the heavy body design makes the copter a great long-term investment, especially if your child tends to break down the toys after a while. In this Air Hogs Copter review you will get an overview of the features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of this helicopter toy, as well as why this can turn out to be an amazing gift for this Christmas. Just know this is a highly ranked toy, top 20 at Amazon.
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See it in Action!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

User Levels on SeoClerk



Level Up

Rank up as a buyer, seller or an affiliate. A higher level has beneficial rewards such as decreased clearance time for payments, creating recurring orders, cash back and more! 

Sellers/buyers/affiliates who are dedicated, provide great quality, great services, deliver on time and maintain this great quality automatically earn these level enhancements. 

Note: Upgrades to user levels are automatic. Please wait at least 20minutes before entering a ticket about user level promotions if you have not been promoted yet. 

S = Seller Requirement 
B = Buyer Requirement 
A = Affiliate Requirement 

How is response time calculated?

Response time is calculated by the amount of time it takes you (as a seller) to respond to any comment or update to an order for the last 30 days. This calculation does not include your inbox, only the messages within orders. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Things To Consider Before Buying Drones & Quadcopters

Drones & Quadcopters

When it comes to hobby and electronic toys, the fastest growing fun thing to do especially in the summer time are Drones and Quadcopters. This is the fastest growing industry when you talk about hobby, recreation, aerial photography, flying and delivery and lots of fun.

There are far too many people having fun flying these UAV or what is called as unmanned aerial vehicle. For some people they like to do it as a hobby. Just like a kids toy, you would like to fly something that you can control remotely using your iPad and cellphones or tablets. As you can see there are far too many uses of the electronic gadget these days and that’s what technology has given us today.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Freelancer Graphic Designer: Where to begin!

I am a freelancer Graphic Designer

Hello guys after long time. Today you have something here if you are planning to practice your graphic designing skill online as a freelancer graphic designer or if you are completely new to graphic designing but need more resources and knowledge to develop your skills you are also welcome. It doesn't means if you have other skills rather than graphic designing you can't read this, but I will mainly focus on GD.  And people who willing to hire Freelancers online would also get benefit from this article. Let's start!